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Composite Decking - Frame Material

When it comes to building a composite deck (aka Trex), choosing the right frame material is important for its longevity, stability and overall aesthetic appeal. While composite decking boards offer exceptional durability and low maintenance, the frame serves as the structural backbone, providing support and stability.

At KC Deck Services, we offer two main wood types to frame your composite deck:

Composite Decking with pressure treated lumber frame

Pressure-Treated Lumber:

Pressure-treated lumber is one of the most popular choices for deck framing. It is affordable, and it's highly resistant to rot, insects, and decay. The treatment process significantly enhances its durability, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting deck frames.

Pressure-treated lumber is the most budget friendly option to frame your new composite deck. With an added benefit of being able to stain it any color you like when you're ready.

Composite Decking with cedar tone pressure treated lumber frame

Cedar Tone Pressure Treated Lumber:

Cedar tone pressure treated lumber is another popular choice for composite deck framing. It has the same durability and longevity as pressure treated lumber, but with a warm cedar hue.

While cedar tone is slightly more expensive than pressure-treated lumber, it offers exceptional longevity with the warm, reddish-brown charm of natural cedar.

Composite Decking with cedar tone pressure treated lumber frame

When selecting the right wood for the frame of your composite deck, it's good to consider factors such as durability, resistance to decay and insects, aesthetics and cost.

Pressure-treated lumber and pressure-treated cedar tone lumber are both fantastic options to maximize the lifespan of your composite deck and create a beautiful outdoor space for years to come.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck with Composite Decking?

Great question! Composite decking does cost more per square foot, but it comes with a long lifespan and is extremely low maintenance in comparison. Check out our previous blog post about pros and cons of composite decking.

To make things easy for you to see how much your composite deck would cost, we've built a simple Deck Cost Estimator. Simply plug in your length, width and number of stairs and the calculator will do the rest. Get a real-time quote for your beautiful new composite deck without the hassle or wait.


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