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KC Deck Services Owner

"I started KC Deck Services to provide for my family. Our strategy is simple: take care of our clients and they will take care of us.


Over the years I've build an outstanding crew of deck builders who care about quality just as much as I do. Meet my team below. I'm really proud of these guys and when you see their work, you will be too."

Jared Kelly, Owner


Deck Builder Team - Jason.jpeg

Jason has been with the company since the very beginning. If he's not building awesome decks, he's on the beach somewhere with his beautiful family.


Jason's passion for building can be seen in his work and commitment to making his customers happy. We are proud to have him as a leader of our company. 

jason jones, co-owner

Deck Builder - Andrew.jpg

I'm Andrew and I have been with KC Deck Services for 5+ years. I like being able to work outside with the sun and fresh air. I enjoy being part of KC Deck Services because they allow me to put my passion of woodworking into a beautiful final product for our customers.

I also enjoy being able to work locally because I get to be home with my family every night. Lastly I enjoy working with KC Deck Services because you gain a sense of comradery and chemistry working with a small group of people you can't get anywhere else.

Andrew Hunter, deck pro

Deck Builder - Jordan McCloud.jpg

My name is Jordan. When I started working for KC deck services, I was excited to learn and grow as an individual and a builder.

I love being outdoors and taking on new challenges that push me past my comfort zone.  I pride myself on quality that meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

Jordan Mccloud, deck pro

Deck Builder - JD Dolinar.png

My wife Tauni and I got married in October 2022. Our daughters are Faylen (4) and Rynlee (1). We usually spend most of our time outside whether it be camping or going to the zoo or renting a cabin somewhere. We enjoy spending free time in the great outdoors.

JD Dolinar, deck pro

Deck Builder - Brandon Fraser.jpg

I started in the industry 12+ years ago, with the intent to build and make customers happy. My son Elijah (6) loves seeing the projects I have built, whether that's indoor or outdoor. You can usually catch us at Cracker Barrel on Saturdays and Sundays.

Brandon Fraser, deck pro

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